Fault Tolerant Distributed Systems  

 September 29, 2015  

  10:00 am to 4:30 pm

 UCSC Premises

 IEEE CS Sri Lanka

The Computer Society of IEEE Sri Lanka section in collaboration with the IEEE Student Branch of UCSC has organized this series of sessions on fault tolerant distributed systems. These sessions specially target the final year undergraduates who are interested in stepping into the software industry after their graduation. The sessions will cover the basic concepts behind fault tolerant distributed systems and their applications in the industry and will be conducted by set of industry experts in this domain.

Middlewares and Distributed system by MIT 

  1. Middleware
    1. Transferring from a typical network to a middleware
    2. Features of middleware
      1. Message passing
      2. Central Registry
      3. Heart Beats
    3. Use cases
    4. Examples with Millennium Serendib middleware
  2. Distributed system
    1. Intro
    2. Distributed system models
    3. Middleware (summary)
    4. Advantages of distributed systems
    5. Challenges in distributed systems
    6. Meaning of availability
    7. Fault tolerance
    8. Type of Faults
    9. Fault tolerant techniques
    10. FT Architecture patterns
    11. Fault Detection patterns
    12. Recovery patterns
    13. Case study : Millennium FT Framework

ESB - The Middleware technology that connect the enterprise by WSO2

Today, successful enterprises rely heavily on underlying software applications. To meet prevalent diverse business requirements, enterprises have to pick and choose different software applications that have been created with disparate technologies and built by different vendors. The task of plumbing such disparate software applications and forming new software solutions is referred to as ‘enterprise integration’. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides a unified platform to integrate your enterprise applications and services and rapidly build new software solutions.

In this session you will learn about :

Introduction to Middleware

  1. Evolution of Middleware Systems: Home grown middleware, RPC, MOM, SOA
  2. Rise of SOA and ESB
  3. What is an ESB?
  4. Enterprise Integration Patterns
  5. Architecture of WSO2 ESB : Non-blocking messaging, HA/FT, Scalability, Coordination
  6. Real world enterprise integration use cases
  7. Future of Integration middleware?

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