GDG DevFest 2016 

 November 6, 2016  

  12:30 pm to 6:30 pm

 ICBT Auditorium, De Kretser Place, Bambalapitiya

 GDG Sri Lanka

The DevFest is; without doubt, the most important developer event in any GDG’s calendar, and Sri Lanka is no exception. This year, our plan is to take another step forward with the things we learned from last year’s DevFest as well as the events that we conducted afterwards

Event Outlook

We plan to address app development in four categories and will discuss how to make apps

  • Fast
    Apps should be responsive to users and perform their intended tasks in times that are perceived fast by users. We will showcase the methods and tech needed to achieve app speed in different platforms
  • Efficient
    The application should consume as less resources as possible. This was emphasized at all sessions in I/O 2016 that connect with the next billion project. Therefore we will educate devs on how they can make their apps demand less resources and do more
  • Secure
    Apps should be secure so that end-users’ data are handled with utmost care. Communication and storage should be encrypted and safe from snooping and hacks. Latest security traits used when building apps will be discussed
  • Tidy
    Untidy coding techniques make an app behave in unexpected ways. Debugging and collaboration becomes hard. Best practices when coding and use of patterns that are suitable for the selected requirement is the best way to tame your development. Coding best practices and common misuses of coding practices will be discussed here

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